It's been a long time coming, but here it is! E'rything is runnin' on ol Archie. The two draws were 1) I heard it was "difficult", and 2) all the software is up-to-date by default from the repo. I'd always heard of Arch Linux, often found myself getting answers for other *nix questions on their board. What I've found since has been truly astonishing!

First off, it wasn't incredibly difficult. There are some processes, and you get to set up your own partitions, which is really cool! You can also choose a bootloader, I chose SysLinux, because it's dramatically less source code! There are still a few issues with the way it's booting up on the server, I need to direct the drive using a UUID. I haven't fully investigated the issue to resolution, as the computer is rebooted infrequently enough I figure I have time.

There is a core set of software located in the main repositories. This programs such as Python, Libre Office, and OpenSSH ...

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In an earlier post, I relayed some numbers cleaned from a test run of my use of a Python library to scrape web pages, Twitter and Facebook. It was not well-received by an individual in their office who sent me a direct message via Twitter. At first I was lightly questioned, and then my presence was requested, and a meeting arranged. I thought I might have found an opportunity!

Nope! Got chastised for not knowing the way my numbers made another person look, and they wanted to know if I was trying to take their job!! So I recently went through filing a complaint. Relationships were ruined because this individual was insecure about their ability to do their job. My curiosity made this evident; and I have been punished, it would seem.

This is a cycle that needs to stop.

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