I'm back in the US of A; but already have the travel bug pretty bad again. So my sole focus is finding the next plane ride (which may be as soon as late July). I also got an opportunity to take the Prime Academy Full-Stack Engineering course. Which is an awesome path toward JavaScript literacy! In the interim, I'm helping a friend jump-start their city-council candidacy campaign; and I've found a few other projects to keep my self busy. Though I'm thinking to start a series of posts about the job-hunt.

Welp, here's to keepin' on keepin' on!

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In Medellin for the time being. The political climate in the US unhealthy, and I need to learn Spanish. Or such are my excuses. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to continue working while I am traveling. I'm only a few days in and am feeling my capacity to focus returning. We've been able to get Ross' blog up and running; as well Brady seems to be doing well with recording his music. Yea, we need to get some more shows booked for him, but we've also compiled a fantastic list of venues!!

OMG, and MnActivist received fiscal sponsorship -- which means I've got some work to do. That site seems to be fuddling up, but I've also made some great connections to help change the structure (adding a WordPress component) which is a great opportunity to expand my webdev knowledge. I was always hesitant to learn WP because is it written in PHP, which is not as strictly written as Python. But with time, WP has grown and I ...

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