[WIP] 2020 Proposed Class List

The following is my proposed class schedule for 2020.

These classes fulfill all of the credits needed to obtain my degree, as well as immediately serve me and my community in my professional path.

In the following post, I’ll go through how each fits so exceptionally.

ABUS 4571W:

Introduction to Grant Writing for Health Care and Nonprofit Organizations

This class is out of the Applied Business department. Being that ScreamFreely is a non-profit organization; this class will give me the skills necessary to gain the funding ScreamFreely can use to propel our work.

COMM 4250:

Environmental Communication

This is a writing course, kinda, but not really – padded fluff.

CSCI 5521:

Introduction to Machine Learning

This is the meat and potatoes of the MnActivist Work.

EPSY 3264:

Basic and Applied Statistics

Solid review, great lens.

PSY 3801:

Introduction to Psychological Measurement and Data Analysis

More review but from a different lens.

OLPD 5501:

Principles and Methods of Evaluation

Part of building an organization is being able to perform routine evaluation; this class will give me those tools.


ABUS 4515: Strategy and Management for a Sustainable Future (audit only)

OLPD 8502: Program Evaluation Theory and Models: Qualitative and Quantitative Alternatives (audit only)

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