Why you should sponsor CultureClap

Audience Demographics:

Ambitious tech-savvy youth ages 16+

Tech workers interested in volunteering to educate youth

Citizens interested in being more civically engaged


CultureClap is providing exclusive placement at the center of a growing educational and civic platform, MnActivist.Org.

Beginning by teaching youth at the Patrick Henry High School and the Minneapolis Urban League, CultureClap creates tutorials accessible to anyone at Twitch.tv/CultureClap that are edited for publication on YouTube.

MnActivist.Org is already beginning to garner attention by other organizations who wish to teach their youth coding skills.

Additionally, the parent organization ScreamFreely has domains, and applications, for several other states.

About CultureClap:

CultureClap was adopted to Minnesota, and did not have a good experience.

He created MnActivist.Org in an attempt to improve the experience for others.

He is an accomplished artist, a proven entrepreneur and a dedicated educator.

CultureClap, and its attendant social media, is the estuary of all of his activities and provides an unprecedented platform for community conversation and engagement.

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