Water or Wine

If wishes were wellsprings

We’d still be thirsty,

water or wine,

what did you want in the first place?

Gutterpunk, and she’s polished blood.

But we stalkin’ the streets at night dancin’ with the grim reaper.

Told me all of her secrets, like how to overcome the sequence.

Leavin’ it all behind, we roll with the moments, towards the ocean.

All a part of the design, the disguise, ’til it falls apart and you see the demons inside.

Just tryin’ to steal halos or wings, whatever we can to get back to heaven.

Even if only for the crumbs off the table,

so delicious,

a daily meal,

even for the rats in the stable.

Now you feel the cards dealt,

this devil’s hand I won’t accept.

Walkin’ away with a shout to the cowards.

Your sentries are intoxicated.

Scared of what you let grow in the forest.

Cause we back with a vengeance.

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