UMN CLA Social Media Meter

The project is back in gear ~ tracking University Department social media output.

I have always been a fan of academia, and wish to see it flourish and be accessible!

This project is one way to hone my own skills, while supporting the academic work being done at the institution.


The goal is to track as much of the social output from the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts as we can.

We do this by using Python to obtain, process and graph data for preliminary investigation from Twitter for the following questions:

Who is generating content & what is the response?

How can we boost content outreach?

The Process

First we build a scraper to grab links from the University’s website.

Now that we have a list of Twitter accounts, we collect the last 200 tweets from each account. We chose the number 200, as that is the cap allowed by Twitter’s API rules.

Once we have the details for each tweet we can graph them along with their responses using various tools in Python.

The Aspiration

The goal is to connect with academics and departments, and help them to expand the reach of their conversations.

I like to keep a finger on the pulse of their social media output to better identity papers of interest, and pursue requisite conversation.

Additionally I have interest in the inferences available from monitoring such output and interaction.

Tutorial Video #1