Time and Love

So whatcha gonna do, when they clown down?

Jumpin’ up from shadows with gats,

Phantoms aimin’ for your average

Cowboy junkie.

Up from his nap.

Don’t bug me.

With you’re pedals pushing gears.

Tell me where ya’ goin’?

When you’re standin’ on the street corner

straight kickin’ conversation to the gutter.

Just fishin’ for another sucker;

blood love or money?

All major credit cards accepted;

no refunds.

Butcha know it’s for a good cause

a conscious governance.

The price of your needs,

the price of your dreams.

The night’s for lettin’ go

of what you thought you wanted

when the sun shone, so brightly.

Livin’ like the moon, is all her own.

Fillin’ up your stomach,

to heal your home.

Livin’ a loan –

living on a hope

that it’s all for a reason

When ya never know.

So we give up money,

and we give up time.

Like it’s the same as

Love or Life.

But you and I will

never know what

we wanted, so …

Go back and forth,

tell me where this path

is taking us.

Cause heaven or hell don’t matter

’til you tell me what you’re sellin’ them for?

What’s the plan? After I buy in,

what’s my cut?

Cause ya know I’m all about that

cheddar and honey —

when I lay it on the track

thick as butter.

Easy as cake,

conducting the rhythm

with a mission

to kick the door down

and re-arrange the system.

Living on a whim.

Living on a sin.

Living to win.

By giving everything that I got

To the wind, to the love,

to the beat, the crowds that

I’ll never see.

But ya know,

I’ll never stop believing in you,

in me.

I’ll never stop believing in this dream

we built before our minds could breathe

before our hearts could sing.

Before we thought we knew what life meant.

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