TikTok, the Top of the Tower

TikTok has proven to be a WONDERFUL utility for creating videos that also have words; as I can define when a word, or phrase or GIF, appears and disappears …

Using this tool, I am now creating videos to help people practice English phrases and sounds.

Part of building a social media audience is being consistent.

This is not easy; though a shortcut, if we can call it that, is to create content about things which naturally occur in your day-to-day life.

Teaching English has been a massive fortune in the respect of content mining around the subject. The tools, both virtual and inter-personal, have exceeded my expectations.

Back to TikTok

I have expanded my creations on TikTok to include video under the subject heading: Top 3 Reasons to Support ScreamFreely!!!

I have a few of those videos made; with plans for a few more, both language learning and promotional, topically.

I’m hesitant to show my face on TikTok; I don’t have face-tracking on FaceBook, though I’m not sure about YouTube, nor Twitter.

Nor do I know if I am paranoid to be concerned –

Whatever, What’s the Tower Analogy?

Everything that I make on TikTok, I am able to recast on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp & LinkedIn!

While at the end of the week, I can put together a collection, and push that out as content as well ~

Furthermore, all of this falls to the bottom, as content for lesson plans.

Now that I’ve started to expand the subject matter of my TikToks, I will do so further to support my fundraising/sales efforts ~

And again, all of the content created will be able to be recast on other mediums; some likely including blog posts.

What About Singing?

That’s what TikTok was originally about, an app for lip syncing and singing.

And quite a few folks in the app gain a solid following by doing so.

Though this also involves me showing my face; which again, I’m not sure where I’m at with that at this particular moment.

I did put a song up on the app; just for output sake.

Now to see if I put another, and how I negotiate facial recognition.

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