The Job Hunt Begins:

A bit rocky, as I’ve always had trouble receiving input on my resume; and this has perhaps in part forced me to trust myself.


Nonetheless, I think this single piece of pixelated paper is a strong step forwards. There are as many numbers as there is poetry, which suits me well.

I’m not sure what job would be best for me ~ I have a myriad of skills though am just now entering a space in life where I can focus on cultivating them.

The Ideal Job

For me, it would be in a place between mentor-ship and independence. Yes, I am well versed in all areas of full-stack development. Now, I would like to further specialize on the server side.

There is a market for Django Developers, of which I am. While I also have an interest in data. Paired with an academic background in Economics and Statistics, this does not seem an unreasonable pursuit.

Github Profile

Though I also want to get back in Node, and am going to get back to learning Go for launch another project. It’s nice to be able to enjoy coding again. It’s nice to be able to enjoy things again.

I want to be able to enjoy my job; and I don’t ever want to loathe it.

The Ideal Career Path

I would like to help manage projects and teams.

My goal when learning to code, was to enable myself to manifest my own ideas. Through the university I was given classes which allowed me to draw parallels between human and computational systems.

The former being a miraculous evolution of which the latter is but a pale echo.

Regardless, I enjoy working with people to accomplish mutual goals, and I am good at it, dare I say ~ especially within the context of respecting/encouraging individual life paths.

It has been a massive blessing to be teaching others, be it coding or English. Encouraging others to grow is an earnest passion of mine; because in many ways, I do feel as though I do it well.

I am data-minded while never disconnected from the abstract artistry of life and human interaction.

And I am able to convey necessary information to each affected party in ways that are best suited to the success of the project and their inclusion.

Where To Go From Here

I have quite a bit of learning left to do.

While I’ve also launched a new essay series, Manifesting Empathy, and am working on releasing studio recordings this year as well.

(Not to mention, here’s my first song on Spotify!!!)

Though the primary aim is to get a job working for/with others.

Without question, within an organization that sees the value of my existence outside of their own individual ends.

Thankfully, I am in a position to wait for such an opportunity.

And so the job hunt begins!