What started as a dream …

I had little else, besides words no one wanted to hear.

We still have little else, save each other.

Along with a few lights of opportunity, like fires on the horizon.

I registered DreamFreely as an LLC eight years ago.

It has since helped me manage bands, build and sell websites, and now house commercial projects our our own.

I registered ScreamFreely as a non-profit ten years ago.

In the coming weeks we will become a vendor to one of the largest public school districts in the state.

And we will teach their seniors how to code through our platform MnActivist.Org.


I have no idea what I am doing; I asked for help, but apparently from the wrong people.

He and his brother built a business known for their steadfast growth through the years; and yet this individual had not the capacity to tell me anything other than “good job” or “keep trying”.

Which, when you’re confronting racism every day, with the occasional erotic fetishizing for spice — eventually I had to realize the fictive kinship was toxic.

I fired a world-renown CEO as a mentor because white liberals are not able to relate to economically impoverished brown or black talent.

We will forever do more for them than they for us, it would seem.


Eventually I did figure out what I could do, and that was write out a list of prices for classes: screamfreely.org/activist-classes.

And I did build curriculum for an actual program: github.com/ScreamFreely/Program-Curriculum.


In 2008, I was a sound engineer for a small venue near the University of Minnesota called Downtime.

Years before that I walked into another campus bar, asking if they were hiring.

A burly and gruff man at the bar asked if I knew how to run a sound board.

To which I replied that I did not; he asked if I wanted to learn.

Flash-forward to the present time of the story, 2008, and this oaken keg of a man had found himself a band.

They played every Monday night for at Downtime. They had a cellist.

Henceforth to be known as the Kozmik Yak, this cellist was also a computer programmer.

Music has always been a gateway for me, to graphic design, and to coding; here is was again.

Python vs PHP

From another friend, I had heard of a platform called Drupal that everyone was raging about. It was completely better than Wordpress, because it was easier to customize that Wordpress, at the time. And by customize, custom API calls and widget placement; with a few other bells and whistles.

The darn XMPP server wouldn’t ever work!

I gave up for a few years, left with little interest to return ~ I was hearing rumor of a language called Python … and was told to attempt learning it the hard way.

I was taking a statistics class at the U during this time, and so learned how to use R and R Studio. Iterating over data provided ample experience to better understand Python functions and loops.

But now I had a CS mentor … MUAAHAHAHAHA

He taught me how to use Google (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


I had an idea, but I kept on running into problems that I couldn’t resolve through Stack Overflow or other Google searches.

KY was someone who was able to fix my technical issues when the arose, after I had done preliminary research.

The only difference between a senior and junior developer was their comprehension of how problems arise in a system.

The more time you’ve spent building applications, the better able you are to diagnosis the source of obstacles and bugs.

When there was an issue, we would dissect it together.

Through this I eventually started coming to them with better questions, needing less and less direction or interaction to resolve my quandaries.

Time machine

That was ten years ago.

In this past year, I was finally able to dedicate the time to building out the mobile application work with the MnActivist API.

KY helped setup the server, made sure we’re making back-ups ~(˘▾˘~)

And now, after 14 months of living out of a backpack in a homeland I am only beginning to know. The dream I planted 3000 miles away is starting to bear fruit, that not only I will be able to eat.

I won’t deign to say I know it has been done.

It is not entirely complete at this moment, and some might be scared to jinx it by writing about what hasn’t even been inked.

But then again, this is something I have been building for over a decade.

It starts with a dream, but you need to listen to that dream — it is not yours to serve you, but you to serve it.

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