Resisting the Social Media Onslaught

We have never liked reality.

That is why history is filled with so many fantastic stories and myths of how the world really is.

Now we have social media, and the digital web, through which we are all able to rebuild our own images, in our own likenesses.

We are able to become our own deities, even if only in our minds ~

This too can quickly become too much of a good thing.

In my own world, I am taking a few steps to prevent myself from being any more seduced by the buffet of platforms as possible.

These applications are tools, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like; they have a use, but thus far they seem to be using us.

Goodbye Netflix

The first step is to say cancel the Netflix subscription!

I tried it in December, but it didn’t take, and I had resubscribed by early January.

So this time I am also going to mute the word on my Twitter timeline!

Automation Orchestration

It’s alive! It’s ALIVE!!!

I spoke about the Django-Social-Posting application I made over here.

Interacting with social media is stressful!

As time accumulates we will have hundreds of tweets and variations available for automated social media syndication.

This way, I can focus more on work and my writing.

Turning off the phone

This will be the most difficult.

Event the act of turning it off, I paused for a moment …

“What if I miss an email?”

I know when I need to be ready tomorrow, it isn’t an issue.

But for a moment, I thought to reconsider.

The phone is off now; and in the future, I hope to root my phone and customize its use once more.

Using a series of applications the phone’s use can be personalized to one’s life.

But these are topics for other posts, and alas, I have not yet a phone sufficient to root.

Until then …

My own attempts to resist and restrict the social media onslaught every day continues.

I bid you all the best in your navigation of the social waters,


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