Small Business Sponsorship

Our small business sponsorship package provides daily advertisement across multiple social platforms, along with targeted blog posts each month.

Social Media Updates

Custom tweets created each week highlight the sponsor’s products and content.

Two custom tweets, with three variations each, will be created each week, directing people to the sponsor’s content.

These tweets will receive around-the-clock dispersal across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Blog Posts

Each month we will collaborate with the sponsor to create a blog post they can republish on their own platforms.

Blog posts will feature either a product or conversation the sponsor wishes to highlight.

Minimum 500 words.

Static Ad space on Twitch and CultureClap

Sponsors will receive ad space on the Twitch channel, as well as graphic recognition on as a FrontPage Sponsor.

Video Ad space on Twitch and YouTube

Sponsors will receive graphic ad space on Twitch every time we broadcast, along recognition and acknowledgement of sponsorship by CultureClap, live during broadcasts.

Many livestreams will be edited for YouTube reproduction, allowing the sponsors ads to remain in perpetual circulation.

Exclusive Access

CultureClap is developing coding curriculum for youth.

In doing so, he is engaging two key demographics, youth and those wishing to support their growth.

Early sponsors will be part of an exclusive group with lifetime discounts to future products and advertising opportunities provided by DreamFreely.


For $150 per month, each sponsor will receive this media package.

Space is limited to 5 sponsors per month.

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