Showering with treason

Hit it all back, with the game, baby, whatcha wanna do when I’m comin’ with the main frame, gotta just shatter it all, then you understand the fascination with the fall, the crawl, and now we walkin’ baby runnin’ ’bout to fly … droppin’ bombs on all y’all.

Back up. Ya plastic army’s melting.

What’s beneath the banner?

Can’t tell ya.

Puppets or panthers?

Shelter, or just another sham?

The type to collapse in a storm?

You know what I’m talkin’ about …

Building bridges, global villages and shit

piling up in the gutters.

I’m talkin’ about the kids still slangin’ drugs

homeless, paintin’ pictures…

sprayin’ sacred names, illegal eagle, remember me?

I live here too?

Bus your dishes.

Teach your kids,

what it means to

live, need and give.

I got a gun beneath my lips

and a bomb beneath the flesh

Tryin’ not to set it off,

you keep testin’ me!

Every second.

Define civil in the struggle to end the muscle from bustin’ up the puzzle.

Need peace of mind, just to put it all back together.


Need to fill the belly, put food on the table.

For those I left behind, ride that grind 24/7

Mystify the mentors, just another menace monkeying around the tenements.

Tryin’ to break the safe.

Grand slam, sittin’ here at home plate,

starin’ at it, like …

“This all there is ..?”

Heaven is a war zone,

and child soldiers aren’t the worst of it.

Parents, passed out —

Workin’ doubles, still can’t pay the bills.

Ten below, no jacket, just a bottle of Listerine

to keep the lips clean.

Fresh as a daisy while we beg for change.

So now I’m stealin’ your ten-speed.

Shifting gears, mirrors, and dimensions.

Steerin’ clear, leavin’ you feelin’



coastin’ down the mainstream …

Fuck that,

we up fishin’ in the tributaries.

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