I’m really thankful for this day; and I’ve waited to participate. I wanted to make sure that my heart and actions were aligned with the values this day represents to me.

This page will be updated regularly each Saturday.


For a long time I battled with how I ought identify, or rather, how I can identify. I used to say I was a Latino who presented as indigenous.

Growing up it was an identify for which I held an incredible amount of esteem; being able to see my reflection in Native cultures, I felt better enabled to attempt to learn the lessons Native cultures had to teach.

I felt that, out of any culture, their stories applied to me. Their stories were the most cognitively accessible to me.

Andes MountainsA few years ago I learned of the people who occupied the region in which my biological mother’s family lives. And recently I had the chance to meet my own mother, and her mother.

And while most everyone in Latino America is genetically intermixed, there are definitely specific communities that continue to live.

The Muisca (Mhusqa) are one such people; and I am in the process of reconnecting with them.

I was afforded an opportunity to connect with satellite participants of their community. And as soon as I can have the stability, I will reach out to the the Suba Council in Bogota.

It is often remarked that I look indigenous; and the identity has always been the pinnacle of my ideals of existence; to be at peace and in service to the land and her people.

As soon as I am able, I will do all that I can to formalize the relationship.

Funds for What?

At present, I have been bouncing from living situation to living situation for the better part of the last three years. Though I have recently gained the stability of working as an English teacher.

Ideally I would like to raise funds to rent my own space for the next three months. This would give me a chance to truly focus on my work 24/7.


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The Work & how you can to $upport it!

Buy my art: https://gum.co/CultureVault

Here I post all of my music and writing – a one stop shop for access to it all. I really appreciate this platform and mechanism. It take the burden off of me having to create specific content every month, yet allows you to be updated when new content is created!

Support my work: https://www.gofundme.com/f/partner-with-communities-to-teach-tech-skills

ScreamFreely is the apex of all my efforts – it is an effort to make our civic processes more accessible to more people. The code and the finances are all open to the public.

While I am not taking ANY of this money personally.

Not a dime will be spent until it is all gathered.

Learn to Code: https://gum.co/RebelCoding

Eventually this produce will be wrapped under ScreamFreely, but until then I am improving the idea through the creation of an ebook and collection of video tutorials to teach people HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Python.

Right now, pre-sale is just $10 ~