Walkin’ by the riverside I saw it in your eyes.

That you love had found your life,

How you were gonna survive.

In a world gone crazy,

beautiful and proud.

You love

had found your life.

While I still don’t know how.

And we were so deranged

in what we said, now said was sane.

So don’t you wonder why.

We question everything that you now say.

But I know that you now were bound to find out

cause I’m just a liar, and you’re my poster child.

Cause what have we got

and where are we going?

When we’ve given away

all our freedom to roam?

So why now can’t we try

and why now don’t we fly

headlong into our

dreams and just oh breathe

through our imaginations

Cause I’ve seen a million martyrs

buried for the parts that they played

And I’ve seen a billion children

dreaming of a dream deferred ’til today.

So wake up,

and take up.

This strife, that’s in our lives.

We’ll make it all on through the night.

Learn to see daylight through the moon.

And remember what it means

to love again.

Cause it’s been way too long.

And no, your thoughts

they aren’t wrong.

They’re just,

not what,

we wanted.

When we’re trying to hear our own …

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