Real hip-hop

I don’t care what you think

Knowin’ you’re just another witness

and ninety percent of what you perceive

is a projection. These words ain’t a tip,

they’re a vision;

so recognize.

See I’m just comin’ through a grab my fortune;

though it’s only a portion of what we deserve

as told by the Goddess in Heaven,

who I court with worship.

See her curves caught my attention.

So with ever word I attempt a purpose

devservent of the verb

she implanted in my nerves

said there ain’t no lover in fear.

So I scoured the bottom of the bottle

searchin’ for the gears that steered me here.

And found my denial absorbin’ the cheers.

Never heard my mama real clear:

always thought she was tryin’ to build me

into the child she wanted, but couldn’t

cause Agent Orange had killed the dream;

contorted the future, but paid for a replacement.

Consolation’s my name, but that don’t change the fact

I’m weirded out by my peers, ever time they act

I hear the action in the back, fashioning moves for clearance.

Numerous avenues, but it’s the ones they choose

that got me bruised to the point –

I no longer care if you are scared or confused,

you need to hear this:

You call it real hip-hip,

just cause you activate the conscience

but just ’cause you can contemplate the non-sense

that don’t make you knowledgable

See you need to take some of that concrete you collered

and build a plausible reaction.

I callin’ you out, cause when I followed your gossip

all I got was a contradiction when I consulted the documents.

Yea, you got a point; but what next?

You wanna raise your voice, but

don’t have an option, ‘cept

raisin’ a chorus to echo the folly

you so accurately pointed out —

KnowMore.Org is a start —

But if that’s all you got to show after

four-decades of gosh-golly.

Then open up a book,

or remember a memory

Cause I’m on that shit

like they’s just the tip of the iceberg

Yo needs freedom, cause sometimes it seems

like he’s the only

Yea they got you screamin’, but still chasin’ the dream

that your followin’ cares as much as you do

Scary thing is;

I think they do.


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