Rabid Babies

Yea it’s been a long day, living shift-to-shift. Waiting for angel’s lips against this devil’s mask, but beveling the edges don’t work when you’re just another kernel in the sun ready to *snap*.

Back to the lab. Off the drag; no longer sleeping on the roofs, but living under one finally. Found a paycheck I can gift wrap, “Hey looks Dad, I paid a bill!”

Twenty-six years later, think I finally got the hand of this work ethic long enough to make a difference. Abstract and inanimate as it is, I’ll shovel this shit, show no shame, never give it back or second look.

Oh no, here they go again.

Rabid babies out their cages

without safety nets.

Oh no, here they go again,

Rabid babies out our cages

without pacifiers.

Penned in, name on the list. Couldn’t never amend it. Given a vision, a mission and a sentiment. Told to keep the belly full, hats-on, insurance is in the mail when the check is sent.

Wage a war to save your job. Co-workers will thank you for it in the morning. Living in a hallucination, whose dream is this anyways?

Whose language are we pacing?

Can cadavers contemplate faith? Or are we just living in waiting debating the merits of change? Keep kickin’ out plausible casualty-tables, surrounding amicable answers with anvils and chains.

Worshiping militant mandibles.

Drilling the brain.

Filling the sane with sand.

Willing flood,

then needing a wall

to fight the tides.

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