Hack It All: Email

Totally a #HackItAll project – I am trying to build up a mailing list, right ~

Granted first things first, good content.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be there, but the aspiration takes precedent.

Next is to reach out to people!! Super cool to have had the sign-ups I have through the sharing my blog posts ~ super grateful.

But what about blasting everyone in my address book?

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Tracy-Widom Distribution & Mn Diversity

I can’t remember where I was first introduced to the article discussing the Tracy-Widom Distribution; though the analogy was prescient.

At what population does a set of islands become over-populated?

At what point does this set become under-populated?

What is necessary to retain equilibrium?

Applying such a set of statistical tools to the topic of narrative systems and message proliferation, a similar set of questions can be asked:

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Talk Brown Now!

This is the new podcast I am beginning.

For a long while I was an ambiguously brown person; though I have recently been permitted to learn more about my roots, and so disambiguate much.

Regardless, throughout this podcast series the conversation of race from the perspective of brownness will be a focal point of perspective while remaining a notion open to critique.

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Diversity & Inclusion Isn’t About Hiring

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