Learn To Code Before The Decade Ends

If you ever wanted a crash-course in coding on the cheap, THIS IS THAT OPPORTUNITY!!

You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and MORE!

And you will exit with a portfolio website, custom resume made in LaTeX, and more.

Four hours of Lab sessions per week, with two hours of one-on-one coaching each week!

Only four spots are available ~ $350USD for the 8 week course!

You will receive at least 2 hours of individualized attention per week!

After completing payment, you need only to watch the video below for help signing up with GitHub. As in order to complete the form below, You will need your GitHub username ~ the video explains πŸ™‚

Classes will begin October 28th, 1029

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Hack It All: Email

Totally a #HackItAll project – I am trying to build up a mailing list, right ~

Granted first things first, good content.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be there, but the aspiration takes precedent.

Next is to reach out to people!! Super cool to have had the sign-ups I have through the sharing my blog posts ~ super grateful.

But what about blasting everyone in my address book?

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2019 Rebel Coding Program

Four individuals can get in-depth instruction over eight weeks of structured learning.

Then exit with a Personal Website, a Custom Resume and a Project Application plus documented contributions to an open-source project!

This is for the business professional wanting a deep-dive into the possibilities of coding. Or the food service worker wanting to learn on their own time for a manageable cost.

All for an unbeatable price of just $350USD.

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