If the World Were Mine

I’d lock up the key and throw away the rights

I’d  talk myself out of your mind

and open up every third-eye in the process

I’d raise Mary Jane on Wall Street,

then send coke an eviction

No longer welcome

in the ghettos or the suburbs;

so Uncle Sam, get your guns outta my countryside

I’d hand the government a bubble-gun,

and tell them to aim it at the kids,

instead of their parents

I’d had the Army a shovel

Operation Underground Sun

What have we forgotten?

I’d show you the past

through the present

then rewrap the future

and call it a gift we gave ourselves

I’d let the devil back into heaven

and I’d share the wealth!

Shear the wolves, and feed ’em to the sheep

Cook up a pot full of bureaucrats

and quit bitchin’ about the dreams

We got needs to meet and ends to greet

been plottin’ for too long

to just let the moment pass us by

No need to be subtle with the speech

Got my clock gripped tight as a glock

ready to rip off the muzzle

and tear down the walls

Cause they got us trapped

can’t understand the facts

thinkin’ it’s all out of our hands

when there just tied behind our backs

So we can’t climb the ladder

But it’s broke anyways

Take another toke

and keep diggin’ for tracks

keep diggin’ for Atlantis

keep diggin’ for a fantasy

Nah, we’re plannin’ an escape

from these social infants,

and their suicidal families.


Me, beats, and an SM-58 style mic; all recorded in a garden level apartment near the University of Minnesota.

I got a series of beats from a friend, NotPorn; and just started recording whatever came to mind over them. SLEEP and another track did make it onto the WAA Vol 1.4 Teething Rings EP.

This songs has hereto been unreleased.

This beat has been brought to you by NotPorn.

Hey you, yea you…

come over here.

I want you to take a look at something

See that,

it’s your grave …

Both hands on the shovel, diggin’ up corpses

for what, just to replace them?

all for the name sake?

What’s shakin?

It’s your hands.

Got my diggin’ for fossils in the rubble

of crumbling empires.

Been duckin’ Mother Nature’s punches for too long.

Plantin’ bombs in her stomach.

Gullible little goldfish, feed ’em to the piranhas.

Just entertainment for the followers

lost in silver linings, shackled in gold.

Collared by the gods, lost souls

or hope less fear ?

Faith in the show, pundits and posers,

pimpin’ ugly, like it’s all on the inside;

just dirt off your shoulder.

Home Someday

I don’t remember much about recording this song.

It was around the same time Over and Yes were recorded.

I had the idea of creating “dumb-bells”, I would call them.

A repeating instrumental track with a “chorus” at each end.

In between, I would rhyme 🙂

Home Someday is merely the two ends.


Cause I’ve found that I don’t

Care where we go today

Cause if I’m with you

Then I know I will make it home some day

Cause I’ve found that I don’t

Care where we go today

Cause if I’m with you

Then I know I will make it home some way

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