Couldn’t believe

how she said it had happened.

I mean


How could they just stand there?

Like canned goods

waiting to go back

to the factory.

Mechanize the habits.

Stack the cash for

holiday platters

and presents.

I mean,

What’s 360 days of misery

in the face of four days

of happiness.

Sun shine or rain?

It’s all fascinating.

So when the snow comes

I’ll standing


naked limbs


with the

barren trees.

Ready to

catch it all.

We’re gonna have a ball.

Then watch it



the mountain.

Climbed the summit.

Lit my cigarette of the sun.

Did everything you told me!

How you showed me!

So why am I bored again?




And I know this is not the path you thought that you’d be on

But here you are

and there you were

It’s all what you need

to get where you

want to go

Don’t worry

it will work out

lose control

So here we are now

Beneath these stars

there’s not a cloud in the sky

for us

to worry about

see the sun

he’s through the moon

She smiles at you

it’s all

it’s all

for you


Spun Out

Seriously man, you got that shit up at like 12, fuck 11

I understand, but dial it down a little …

Relax man, it’s not fashionable to burst out amidst the pack

despite the desire to attack the fascists massacring the underserved

How do you want it?

Pasturzied processed and packaged?

Just add water? You want fries with that?

We’re tailgating a manufactured reaction.

He just smiles and laughs

Arms crossed, crass as the day

the ghosts first spoke to him

and said,

You never die, you never live

and this ain’t a dream,

so feed ’em what you’re bleeding

and cut the cookie-cutter in half

Social Anxiety

I want to rearrange the tree

hopeful little gardener,

won’t you please pull me

some weeds

Now we crossed the caverns

only to find a labyrinth

fashioning a map,

we drew our dreams

mathematically aligned with our aspirations

admonitions limbered up the legend

marking an X at every left turn

Right being attached to wrong

when we’d rather be playing.

Singing our songs,

hollow as the pipe we’re floatin’

these melodies over

Ripe as the fire

for nursery rhymes, books,

and statutes of limitation.

Lady Liberty is parading around,

drunk naked and aimless …

so which one of you brave


wanna jump on this bomb?

Hit the switch kid,

and welcome to a whole new world

of existence

where bliss is the forest

and you’re still trapped in the lab

tryin’ to devise an escape from the habits

gettin’ tagged by needles and mirrors

seein’ scenes faded by memories

relivin’ the days when you pages

weren’t filled with

chicken, clucking out eyes.

Already blinded by the audience.

Good night! Good day!

You haven’t seen enough

to know the difference

still whittlin’ a way at your spine

carving a niche for the wings

Icarus shouldn’t be so lucky

ya dumb schmuck

more concerned about

how it looks

than getting burned by the sun

shit ain’t a candle,

and you aren’t the wind.

Just another bag

meant for a body.

To be manipulated

maintained, and manicured …

like a lawn.






To give fire like candy

and candy like fire

she whispered beneath the breeze

blowing over her bend knees

dreaming of what it would be like

to live the life of a seed, “a similar strife?”

Thinkin’ we all need to breathe

and onto us all the seasons unfold.

“Here, try the pie…”

To conspire compassion

and watch burn like desire

he said,

standing in the grocery story line

staring at the tabloids,

trying while confined

to remember

Vanity is just a vent

vulnerable to us all

how do you unclog an emotional exhaust pipe?

Focusing hope to hold onto the ocean

raging behind ghosts of their disposition, questioning

could this be love? Or am I just a feeling

convicted by the horizon



you’re dreaming

I don’t wanna


then quit needing to live

but I have to try

that’s the spirit

Trying to find the core

which built the surface

digging through my second skin

not bored

just never paid attention

thinking (dangerously)

Price is overrated,

when everything is infinite


Mean More

We were talking

Now we’re not

But we’re not bothered

by the loss

You don’t know how much

you mean to me

And I, I don’t know either.

And this life

Is more

than what

we see

we fight

and we lie

we try to be

so much more

than what we see.