Over (/ Children of the Stars)

Over hills and through the waves

And over mountains through the plains

we know where we have been

so it don’t matter now

where we’ll end.

I guess the trick was to stop hiding.

Give it all away and spit shine the pain.

Clay pots into artifacts.

Parse the matter at hand

and distribute the chance/chants

This one for the star-crossed lovers,

they’re just down on their luck.

And this one is for my mother,

she’s still looking for a crutch.

And this one is for the sun

who refuses to set.

And this one is for you,

at the end of your quest.

Disheveled and hell-bent

on finishing the test.

I hope the results are

everything you ever wanted.

I hope you find a pedal to push

with love, not hate, not shame or regret.

But to live on a level where the past meet the present

forever at rest.

No need to exercise the demons

or fly with the angels.

Children of the stars

we believe in a savior

beyond chambers(/crosses)

or halls of knowledge.

Lingering in a song

between a moment

and a melody.

Eyes closed,

soul unknown.

Spine unchained,

heart broken.

Following the signs


No longer wondering

where to go.

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