October 2019 Budget Report

It’s been about two and a half months since we last checked in with GNUCash, and where everything was at.

Yup, that’s on; and I prepared for times like this —

Too much was happening and it was overwhelming; I needed to be able to spend money when/as I needed to concerning basics like getting enough food to eat.

Where Are We At?

We’re alright, I need to pay off a few bills this weekend that are going to push me down; though I recently received a gift from the sky that helps.

In the US accounts I’m over my caution point and have the hope of persisting as such. My goal is to maintain my rainy-day fund in my Savings account, while consistently growing my checking and digital income accounts.

I had to shuffle a few hundred dollars to my Colombian account over the past few months to cover all of my bills.

Though now I also have a budget. This week has been the first of it’s implementation, and I’ve even come out a little bit ahead.

Though I have one more day left on the week.

Monthly Bills & Incidentals

My phone got stolen a few weeks ago; which is why I don’t buy expansive phones.

My current model is the Motorola G6; which costs about $125USD to replace.

As well, I need to catch up on my health insurance payments; and account for the monthly amount that is being taken out regardless.

My phone bill is about $10USD per month, and I may have a strategy to make that stretch even further. Hopefully almost cut my phone bill in half.

As my budget allots me $100,000COP (~$30USD) per week; out of which I need pay for my phone bill.

I’m also going to reduce my health insurance level which will reduce some pressure in the coming months as well.

About the Outlook

Though I am confident about being able to retain my students, the father of one has asked for lessons for himself and his friends next year; I will oblige as my schedule allows.

Now that my schedule is more compact and compartmentalized, I can focus on living within my budget while being productive.

I recently purchased a whiteboard, and considering the gift I recently received, may send myself some more money to get new glasses and a gym membership. Maybe.

For now, I am focusing on finding a rhythm toΒ  my output; I missed the weekly newsletter deadline this week — though again, am open to altering it as is best for my schedule.

There is mechanism by which I can continue to remember my ideas and get the produced; and a few basic models to incite weekly creation.

That said, I am hopeful for the future.

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