New Project Release: Django Social Post

The goal is to have a headquarters for social media posts, and now I’ve laid the foundation.

Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram and more, are all managed by a central Django application, and a few bash scripts.

I read about growth hacking and I gave up my email address for a few PDFs :p

Underneath it all seems to be two principles:

Learn your audience.

Be consistent.

The first goal is hard enough, while the second too often becomes insurmountable.

Scripting can make this easier!

Django Social Posting

So what we do is create a TweetLink object, and provide varying copy to associate with the link!

Boom, write a bash and python script that can be run through cron every few hours –

The python script can randomize which link and piece of copy is chosen –

Social media is like digital highways paved in advertisements.

Consistency converts because of accessibility.

Your audience can’t engage something they don’t see!

Beyond Twitter

Twitter is one of the easier API’s to access, you only need to a phone number attached to your account.

For everything else I used IFTTT ~ which is a platform that allows your social media platforms to interact with each other!

When a picture or video is added to Instagram, it is automatically reposted to a Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Push send once, and sink three buckets!


Then I use the python requests library, to send a packet of data to an IFTTT webhook… and this triggers an event!

Now, instead of just randomizing and automating tweets, we passing content along to Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit as well.

Public Release

After setting a few more parameters to mitigate over-posting to platforms like Reddit – it will be read for production.

In time, this will connect with our TweetCollector project, for a new DreamFreely product.

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