Thought really it’s just been a slow erosion. Peddling every step for a road showboatin’ between the portages.

Just trying to get home.

Over the hills and through the woods to tend the fields, build the type of goods we couldn’t buy, had to will into existence.

And so fitted ourselves will leashes.

Good-riddance to freewill wasn’t supposed to end in bondage worshiping empty crosses never bothering to notice the masses gathering tired hungry and wondering, “what’s better than an empty stomach?”

Ignorance had poisoned the bliss.

Imaginations shackled, bordered, and laid to rest.

‘Til our dreams grew seeds we planted and danced around by moonlight; you know how the kids hit the streets.

Climbing constellations to get a better view.

Cause got we need and we don’t want your help,

Just waiting for your walls to fall down.

Cause got we need and we don’t want your help,

Just waiting for your walls to fall down.

So can play, I thought this wall was supposed to be a game.

I mean, killing in the name of what?

Genetically molested food?

2500 kids homeless in the Twin Cities alone?

While how many sit happily housed in suburban churches every Sunday with a potluck afterwards?

So I smoke the chronic and duck out before the cops knows where I planted the extra stash for some little kid to wonder over.

I’ve been lookin’ in books for the answers.

Read the scripts behind your eyelids,

until I became blinded byΒ  the angles.

Open heart purge me,

nourish the will to further the return

knowing full-well

the politics of it all

will seem immediately futile

to the small minded

Show me a reason,

and I’ll show you a symptom

that this cancer’s spread like debt

all across the foundation.

While the answers remain

locked in the halls above.

I’m done knockin’ on heaven’s door.

Labels won’t phase me.

I ain’t chasin’ anything except the paycheck.

Yea they got me collared

tryin to feed the angels

what the pavement took away.

Faded games,

so Canin’s back with a language

adjacent to a science seen

in a gutter near you.

And that’s all he’s got to say.

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