Learn To Code Before The Decade Ends

If you ever wanted a crash-course in coding on the cheap, THIS IS THAT OPPORTUNITY!!

You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and MORE!

And you will exit with a portfolio website, custom resume made in LaTeX, and more.

Four hours of Lab sessions per week, with two hours of one-on-one coaching each week!

Only four spots are available ~ $350USD for the 8 week course!

You will receive at least 2 hours of individualized attention per week!

After completing payment, you need only to watch the video below for help signing up with GitHub. As in order to complete the form below, You will need your GitHub username ~ the video explains 🙂

Classes will begin October 28th, 1029

The curriculum outline is below the form.

Who is the Instructor?

The course is instructed by none other than yours truly, Canin “Culture Clap” Carlos. I have over six years of professionally development experience working privately and for corporations.

The curriculum uses the MnActivist Platform as a foundation through which to learn basic web development processes.

We then translate this processes into ones need to build your project app.

What is the Curriculum?

We use a platform called JupyterHub so that students need nothing more than browser access for the first two weeks of the program.

Week 1: HTML CSS & Git

We will create our first webpage using HTML & CSS ~ learning the basic upon which everything else is built! We also make sure we can use Git to update our repositories.

Students will need to attend at least one “meet-up” in the next 3 weeks.

Week 2: Into to Python

In the first week we dabbled with the command-line-interface, now we just jump-in by learning how to build our first scrapers ~ running the scrapers.

Week 3: JavaScript

We’ll return to our personal webpages to learn about making them interactive using JavaScript and jQuery.

Week 4: Whole System Review #1

We’ll review everything we’ve learned, and have submitted a scraper to the MnActivist Project.

We will review soft skills, networking and discuss our ideal working climates.

Week 5: Django & the Stack

Django is our introduction to the server side of web applications.

We will learn it’s various functions, and how they are used to provide API endpoints for MnActivist.

Week 6: VueJS & the Server

This week we will learn how the client side of the application access those endpoints, and how it can use the information provided.

Week 7: Whole System Review #2

We review everything we’ve learned so far, and work on finishing our individual application projects. We’ll also learn what LaTeX is, and complete draft resumes using the language/program

Week 8: What’s Your App?

In this final week, we work on our project applications, and present them at the end of the week.

After the NewYear

We will connect again for our final week of class. We’ll have a one-hour group debrief along with individual conversations to help you all best continue.

Various projects are in the air, and we will need to see how they land.

Rebel Coding may be released as an expanded program, or ScreamFreely may roll-out a training program.

Either way, you will have access to continued learning and support in your pursuit of enhanced tech literacy.

I am only as successful as you are, and so I will do all in my capacity to help you succeed!

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