Jimbo Slice

Yea you got it bad,

just another kid with a habit

snackin’ on the ledge

like ya overstand the push

the pull.

Been watchin’ for a while;

while the missiles roll around the sky.

Tryin’ to disguise your smile,

but ya can’t keep it quiet for long.

When a pretty pair of legs just walk on by

they walk on by — wanna tell ‘er all other secrets

of a city on the make, baby what you need?

Just take break.

Ain’t no reason to hustle,

it’s the season to rhyme.

Through the rumble

let the buses just

pass you by.

With the kids goin’ to class

throwin’ fists in the back.

Got their heads fulla trash,

and their hearts fulla gas.

Puttin’ pedals the metal,

goin’ nowhere fast.

So I sit right here

with a doobie andΒ  a mask.

I sit right here

with a pen and a pad.

Said I sit right here

with a mirror and a map.

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