Inspect Your Gadgets

Cause honestly, I wanna know, what it means to be hard.

Watchin’ you bouncin’ off the bubble, as they rise …

*Pop* goes the weasel.

See the scars? So play your part, or

cry like mama’s gonna wash it all away.

Save yourself, then serve the sacrilegious acid

over a steady beat.

We’ll call the painting a stain like it’s all in a day’s work.

At night we play, for real, I said, deal out the cards,

and I’ll tell you what the shadows said to the sun through the clouds.

Don’t doubt the vision, burning along is a lost art.

No home’s got this empty stomach,

stealin’ sirloins out your kitchen.

Ya girl out your system,

and your self out the cesspool

you’re pissing in

called existence.

Serve it up so easy inspecting the gadgets.

We slide upon the breeze dissecting the madness

It’s patterns just paths,

here pretty little patient

caught a cold,

take a pill

and imagine a nation …

Built on other self-destructive habits.

I’m just trying to cash in on these crash landings.

Or mash out a master plan?

Serve it up on a silver platter,

ain’t that what you wanted?

A platform, to play on;

that can’t be taken away

by legislation or seances.

Don’t tread on me ~

drinkin’ tea, crunked up

talkin’ about social …

Security’s haulin’ Reason out the back

They put her on a cross and called her Treesong.

Beef, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Living in another man’s cage ..?

Learning to stand-up for what you believe in …

That’s hard.


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