A clean slate

The old website has been torn down, and this unfancy WordPress template is the replacement. It is a little easier to maintain. Most of my personal output will be through Patreon, as to be forthright, I am trying to expand the brand this year.Β We will also talk about why I would be looking to move in this direction.

As well, I wish to expand my personal reach, adding educator to the list of skills. There are some exciting developments in this area. I will be building an inter-cultural program with the Minneapolis Urban League during the month of February. And concurrently, ScreamFreely will be begin providing them the MnActivist-coding curriculum.

I have deleted most of my social media posts for this reason. Since I will be interacting with youth, I want to be able to provide the best example that I can. And so I have chosen to start fresh. There are still a few quirks to work out, Twitter says I have 950+ tweets, though it shows none. Facebook has been cleared out though!


I feel lighter, and I physically am with less possessions.

This translates over to design and coding aspirations as well.

Less allows for more.


I am going to focus on video updates. I enjoy video, and it is easily reduced to an audio file, if need be.

In addition to weekly updates, I will begin making how-to videos covering a range of topics.


I am trying to move towards vegetarianism, while continuing to reduce my ecological footprint. There are a few additional projects from coding to sustainability projects, that are longer term and so will be documented here on the website.


Placing the bulk of my output behind a paywall just seems like smart business. It may take time to grow, but once established, is less likely to erode.

Patreon is a known-entity and I have only a single tier at two-dollars for patronage.

All of my patrons will help me as I navigate the building of my own brand, along with a small business and a non-profit.

Care to hop aboard?

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