Hack It All: Email

Totally a #HackItAll project – I am trying to build up a mailing list, right ~

Granted first things first, good content.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be there, but the aspiration takes precedent.

Next is to reach out to people!! Super cool to have had the sign-ups I have through the sharing my blog posts ~ super grateful.

But what about blasting everyone in my address book?


So there are rules apparently.

I can’t send bulk email ~ which is for the best in all honesty.

So back to an aspiration and a drawing board.

Can I use Python to send an email… I can!

The Solution

Packaging email list into a CSV file with field ’email’, ‘sent’, ‘time’.

The time field is not immediately necessary.

We then cycle through each of the email addresses and denote which one have been sent.

The file actually just grabs the first 100 or so emails, and marks them as sent; while proceeding to send them at randomized intervals throughout the day.

Yup, the script set a random pause between sending emails, to better emulate organic behavior.

How many emails? 

Using the list of Contacts from my primary two Google Accounts, I was able to generate a list of over 3,000 email addresses.

These are divided into two groups, Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and AOL emails in How many emails? one group (about 1,300 addresses). The remainder of mostly domain addresses, in another group. Lastly, there is a list of ‘edu’ addresses.

I’ll begin process by writing a cron job to run the script each morning.

Each recipient will receive the following email:

Hey, how ya been?

Maybe you knew me as Christopher James, lead singer of

Or as an
activist from the University
? Or this may seem random ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m sending you a one-time invitation to join my mailing list at

Visiting the website will prompt a form to appear (ᵔᴥᵔ)

May light and laughter find and keep you always,

Canin Carlos Apriori-Mendoza

formerly Christopher James Anderson

a.k.a Culture Clap

Oh, and I finally published a collection of poems, White Like Me.


Culture Clap October Update

ScreamFreely MnActivist
is a verified non-profit on GoFundMe.
And I might be heading
back to school to finish my degree.

idioke is a year old and another side-project has been restarted. The Python Social Media Meter web-scraper is back up,
with a tutorial included.

Such is the information imparted on the mailing list.

Just text and links with better formatting.

Where ever you are, it would be wonderful for you to join us!

Check out the Discord Server for the latest!

Though either way, I hope you are well.

Safe travels, light and laughter