CultureClap + Gumroad

CultureClap is using Gumroad as an audience relationship tool and storefront.

When you submit your email address to follow our updates, you will automatically begin to receive sixteen weeks of music and poetry; along with other updates, as they are released.

Caveat: the first update will likely end up in your Spam folder ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can read more about our move to Gumroad from Patreon here.

the Plan

Everything is Pay What You Want.

All of my art and music is free to anyone who signs up to follow:


So much of what I post are updates with links to blog posts, org updates and art.

It seems inappropriate to place a paywall between the material and anyone who might have an interest in it.

For those wishing to contribute monthly, we are sticking with Patreon.

Yes, everyone who follows on Gumroad will receive 16 weeks of emails with music beginning the day they start to follow.

Additional art, and updates, continue to be released concurrent to this schedule.

The Culture Vault contains all of the material released outside of the 16 weeks of scheduled material.

So those who join a few months from now can get caught up 🙂

There isn’t much right now, but we’ll keep ya posted on this page.


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