Along with Patreon, now Gumroad

[Update: I have since read more about other platforms, and will link to a post when it is written.]

Gumroad is an online platform that enables creators to sell products directly to consumers.

I made the switch to Gumroad, from Patreon, because the services it provides are much more aligned with what I am trying to accomplish.

The music, poetry and updates I want to share, I wish them to accessible to anyone that wants them!

Gumroad allows for this through their primary sign-up!

For those wishing and able, to provide financial support, that is entirely possible too!

Why the switch?

Patreon had some issues a year or so ago when they tried to change their fee structure.

This was the consequence of investor frustrations ~ it is happening again.

Patreon seems have payout delays rather frequently.

I know, I had like 6 patrons ~ they were awesome, but its not like I was missing out rent checks …

Though one day I do hope to serve a larger audience than half-a-dozen amazing friends.


Patreon automatically assumes that a paywall needs to exist for people to stay updated with your profile.

Gumroad allows people to just subscribe with their email address to get all of the goods.

This is more aligned with the level of accessibility I would like to maintain!


I have the first 16 weeks scheduled out for every new follower!

Which is amazing ~

This provide 16 weeks of content for every amazing individual who decides to follow my updates!

I have 16 weeks to get my act together to be posting regular up-dates; and considering what is being started, I think it is entirely possible to creating music monthly, along with poetry and conversations, to build a regular show.

Moreover, I can continue to do this!! With other various content …

(I just found a new tool: Pressbooks.)

With Patreon, I am not able to do this; in effect, content on Patreon is one-time use.

With Gumroad, every piece of content is new for every user!

Custom domain

When building a brand, it is a boon to have all of the primary assets closely networked.

Gumroad does this by allowing me to use my own url for my own store ~

The interface remains sleek with an easy payment system; my only qualm is that the story URL is not secured with HTTPS.

The payment pages are protected, and so this becomes more of an aesthetic ding in the presentation, than anything else.

Future Products

Gumroad brings together the benefits of MailChimp, with a point-of-sales interface.

The next product I plan to release will be documentation for the six-week coding class I am building for ScreamFreely.

Here again, scheduling Workflows with Gumroad, I will be able to schedule the entire course for every participant.

Instead of focusing my time on creating individual curriculum, I can focus on what else students will need to succeed and improving the curriculum I have!

There are other course ideas brewing.

Gumroad has been a bit of a revelation.

And so, away we go!

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