To give fire like candy

and candy like fire

she whispered beneath the breeze

blowing over her bend knees

dreaming of what it would be like

to live the life of a seed, “a similar strife?”

Thinkin’ we all need to breathe

and onto us all the seasons unfold.

“Here, try the pie…”

To conspire compassion

and watch burn like desire

he said,

standing in the grocery story line

staring at the tabloids,

trying while confined

to remember

Vanity is just a vent

vulnerable to us all

how do you unclog an emotional exhaust pipe?

Focusing hope to hold onto the ocean

raging behind ghosts of their disposition, questioning

could this be love? Or am I just a feeling

convicted by the horizon



you’re dreaming

I don’t wanna


then quit needing to live

but I have to try

that’s the spirit

Trying to find the core

which built the surface

digging through my second skin

not bored

just never paid attention

thinking (dangerously)

Price is overrated,

when everything is infinite


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