Everybody Cries

They shined so brightly but

wouldn’t say a thing

lips move beneath their

vacant stares

make me

not care

I can’t bear

this burden any longer

so I sing this song —

in the hope that you’ll remember

when you’re lost again …

Say, he’s too faded – lost pace.

Fat rats ain’t winnin’ the race today.

Now I say shed that second skin.

Cause we’ve been watchin’,

for a while and

from a distance.

So shy was

just a game that

got you caught in the rhythm

manipulated, maintained

just another system.

Leavin’ the kids behind for

shits and giggles.

But still got you payin’ in


what’s the fare to grace land?

The butter’s fake

no matter how thick you lay it!

The margins are slimming or widening,

just depends on

who’s placing bets and

on what?

Questions or answers?

I got neither.

Just responsibilities

left over from the previous tenants.

Bending over backwards,

just to pay rent!

Fix case, and get bent

every now and again.

Let loose and live a little …

they said;

like we have the right.

Nitwits, grieving over


giving businesses

freedoms meant for


Got me stackin’ chips

starin’ at the sun

is for the privileged kids.

Not those of us already burnt by it.

Learn lessons, and

hide ’em in the fixtures.

Ride tides or kick dirt.

Push daisies or water the rain forest.

It’s all a mystery wrapped in misery

payin’ bills to fill quotas.

Dream the greed away, or

put food on the table.

Don’t think, just do.

Calculations are for scientists,

so quit stalling and buy me

a new pair of shoes.


we can make malnutrition look good.

You be the slave, I’ll be the master.

You plow the fields, I’ll reap the harvest.

We’ll call it happily ever after

stabling statues in the pasture

to keep ya company.


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