Drunken What

Not Porn Productions

in conjunction with MakeShit studios presents:

I don’t know? You brought me here?

Oh SHIT! Did you see that?!?

Welcome, to the circus.

Three rings of mirth, myth and myre.

Got smurfs in the back, pullin’ strings.

Workin’ the stationary.

All imaginary; greetin’ demons on the daily, like

What up brother? How the struggle treatin’ you?

Oh, who jumped the bus?

Now we walkin’, talkin’, six-feet deep.

Like ‘Pac said, “the streets is deathrow”

paved in gravel, gold, or snow.

Killin’ yourself, chained to a wage;

a real savior would be health insurance.

Cause we all drownin’.

Naw, I’m just clownin’.

Dancin’ on the fence, for what’s worth.

A slave to the sound of this heart beat.

Devil’s horn’s or angel’s wings?

What’s it all mean?

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