City on a Pill

She shacked up, made a bath outta bad memories to soak up the aftermath. So clever with the trends. Growing gods in the garden. Only to compost the product. They told her to kick dust, and mix it with rain water. But she, didn’t know what she’d missed, just molded the figurines and played house inside of her head.ย Writing answers to questions never asked. Made the best pumpkin pie on the block, and had the whitest picket fences.

Never again, will I let you look within. Got coats in the closet, knives in the sock drawer, and already exercised the ghosts. So nevermind the habits, I’m just a little hungover.

Addicts need help, I just need a hand to help me portion out these appetizers, and pour another glass. Why whine when you have enough wine to drown the mind? I heart life and vote Republican.

B*tch shoulda used a condom, or at least married into money.

Funny how it all falls apart, right before falling into line. Watched a leaf fall from a tree only to find similar soil and grow again, because

Life feeds on life, feeds on misdemeanors and second class citizens. The bottom rung is a little hard to see from the top of the totem pole, so don’t mind the axe in my hand.

Big brother brought a shovel, but didn’t know what for …

Here, let me show you how to dig a hole properly.

Bury the past, and grow a god, then make it fat enough to feed a family of immigrants.

Nah, fuck it, let’s just foreclose another mortgage and then complain about the parasites protesting in the halls of government.

Careful, wouldn’t wanna misplace that second amendment. The gutter rats are looking hungry, and social security means using both hands, right?

No worries, he’s just a bumper sticker patriot.

Living off a gift.

Giving all we got left

to burn down the bridges

to his little

city on a hill.

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