Four Videos ~

I am looking for four black individuals from South America, Central America or the Caribbean to each create a 5-8 minute video in English.

The videos are for black youth in Minnesota who are learning about others in the African diaspora.

I have two ideas for specific topics, the Garifuna people, and a brief history of reggaeton and/or salsa.

Though I have no ideas for the other two topics.

My budget is $25 per video.

I can pay using PayPal or WorldRemit.

You can check out the curriculum here.

This project is a four-week course that will introduce students to black cultures outsides of their urban environment.

Admittedly, I am not black; the individual I asked to help me has become unavailable due to scholastic rigors. Hence I am reaching out online for support in this.

Though class sessions themselves will only be 30 minutes long, and also have a computer literacy component.

If the video’s creator would be able to appear for a ten minutes to video chat during class sessions, money is budgeted at $25 per session for guests.

Since we are nearing the end of the school year, the contracting organization would like to provide a sample of what next year’s curriculum will beĀ  to students.

My aspiration is to load the curriculum up with additional media resources that they can explore on their own outside of class sessions.

These videos would be the pinnacles of this material.

I will be reaching out to other individuals, organizations and businesses I have met during my time in Colombia as well. Though I would like to help create pathways for the students to do further research and connect with communities online as well.

This work is being done through the non-profit we are building at ScreamFreely; all of the finances are transparent and available.

Thank you!