TikTok, the Top of the Tower

TikTok has proven to be a WONDERFUL utility for creating videos that also have words; as I can define when a word, or phrase or GIF, appears and disappears …

Using this tool, I am now creating videos to help people practice English phrases and sounds.

Part of building a social media audience is being consistent.

This is not easy; though a shortcut, if we can call it that, is to create content about things which naturally occur in your day-to-day life.

Teaching English has been a massive fortune in the respect of content mining around the subject. The tools, both virtual and inter-personal, have exceeded my expectations.

Back to TikTok

I have expanded my creations on TikTok to include video under the subject heading: Top 3 Reasons to Support ScreamFreely!!!

I have a few of those videos made; with plans for a few more, both language learning and promotional, topically.

I’m hesitant to show my face on TikTok; I don’t have face-tracking on FaceBook, though I’m not sure about YouTube, nor Twitter.

Nor do I know if I am paranoid to be concerned –

Whatever, What’s the Tower Analogy?

Everything that I make on TikTok, I am able to recast on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp & LinkedIn!

While at the end of the week, I can put together a collection, and push that out as content as well ~

Furthermore, all of this falls to the bottom, as content for lesson plans.

Now that I’ve started to expand the subject matter of my TikToks, I will do so further to support my fundraising/sales efforts ~

And again, all of the content created will be able to be recast on other mediums; some likely including blog posts.

What About Singing?

That’s what TikTok was originally about, an app for lip syncing and singing.

And quite a few folks in the app gain a solid following by doing so.

Though this also involves me showing my face; which again, I’m not sure where I’m at with that at this particular moment.

I did put a song up on the app; just for output sake.

Now to see if I put another, and how I negotiate facial recognition.

The SF Set-Up:

More of the narrative, is what I was told; my contention being that there is work to do; and I’ve already explained the narrative.

Which is available through my chapbook of poetry & music.

That is the best I can do at present.

The Work

The work is wealth redistribution through leveraging market features such as the desire for anonymity, transparency and data.

Based in the latter, we build a small reservoir of data and use it both for a learning pool in which others can learn. As well as the start of a larger communal effort.

First Teach Others

It begins by teaching each other the basics of computer coding; not that everyone will use these tools in their next job.

But that they have a familiarity with these tools, and how the systems work; while deep diving is available for others, as well.

One’s perceived-market value can increase considerably through knowing the skills we teach regardless.

Second Pay & Get Paid

Normally one would expect the teacher to get paid more than the student; but that isΒ not the case in the SF Trainer Course situation.

In this manner we do not need to be a top-heavy organization, trying to sustain overhead until sustainable inertia is obtained.

This frees up considerable expense that can be used to assure student compensation is sufficient, and able to grow as they become trainers themselves.

Replicate the Model

I train trainers, that’s it.

I train small cohorts who go on to train larger community classes, and get amazing jobs and be their complete amazing selves!

The Expansion

As the number of students we collectively serve is increases, so will our capacity to expand the topics for which we provide training.

Another step is to complete an organizational application, able to serve the needs of communities doing policy work.

In this manner, as we expand, so do we wish to expand the opportunities of our students, trainers and communities.

The reason for transparency is to gain commensurate trust in the information our users do provide; which we will guard jealously, I admit.

Growth can be focused from the bottom up, as we train in each of the tasks we pursue. From finances to development, training to administrative coordination, we are redefining how to a non-profit can be sustain-ably run.

Hack It All: Email

Totally a #HackItAll project – I am trying to build up a mailing list, right ~

Granted first things first, good content.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be there, but the aspiration takes precedent.

Next is to reach out to people!! Super cool to have had the sign-ups I have through the sharing my blog posts ~ super grateful.

But what about blasting everyone in my address book?

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Talk Brown Now!

This is the new podcast I am beginning.

For a long while I was an ambiguously brown person; though I have recently been permitted to learn more about my roots, and so disambiguate much.

Regardless, throughout this podcast series the conversation of race from the perspective of brownness will be a focal point of perspective while remaining a notion open to critique.

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