Inspect Your Gadgets

Cause honestly, I wanna know, what it means to be hard.

Watchin’ you bouncin’ off the bubble, as they rise …

*Pop* goes the weasel.

See the scars? So play your part, or

cry like mama’s gonna wash it all away.

Save yourself, then serve the sacrilegious acid

over a steady beat.

We’ll call the painting a stain like it’s all in a day’s work.

At night we play, for real, I said, deal out the cards,

and I’ll tell you what the shadows said to the sun through the clouds.

Don’t doubt the vision, burning along is a lost art.

No home’s got this empty stomach,

stealin’ sirloins out your kitchen.

Ya girl out your system,

and your self out the cesspool

you’re pissing in

called existence.

Serve it up so easy inspecting the gadgets.

We slide upon the breeze dissecting the madness

It’s patterns just paths,

here pretty little patient

caught a cold,

take a pill

and imagine a nation …

Built on other self-destructive habits.

I’m just trying to cash in on these crash landings.

Or mash out a master plan?

Serve it up on a silver platter,

ain’t that what you wanted?

A platform, to play on;

that can’t be taken away

by legislation or seances.

Don’t tread on me ~

drinkin’ tea, crunked up

talkin’ about social …

Security’s haulin’ Reason out the back

They put her on a cross and called her Treesong.

Beef, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Living in another man’s cage ..?

Learning to stand-up for what you believe in …

That’s hard.


Number Two

Hit back time to settle the score.

Cause I’m tired of the games,

I know you want war.

I know you want more than a cardboard house.

Living in an alley with a master and a guard.

Living like a valley when it all falls down,

and ya can’t get out.

Shoutin’ up to the mountains,

won’t ya come help?

But they look at you like you’s a damn coward

cause ya can’t help yourself. So ya,

sit back and flip the chips,

watch the water run,

find the streams,

then ya collar ’em.

Sign the trees,

then ya follow ’em,

down that road

cause ya know where you’re goin

and ya been here before.

Lookin’ for the sign on the door

that reads, feels like home.

Feels like gold,

ya feelin’ like a fool,

so ya do a little dance

and ya let it all go;

but ya dug another hole

Now it’s part of the path

said it’s part of the math

now its part of the jazz

that they play in the clubs


where ya know they don’t ask.

What ya need?

What ya want?

What ya got?

Cause we’re all here

up for the same thing

comin’ from the gutter

tryin’ to die with a smile

on our face.

Just die

with a smile on our face,

like this …



Over (/ Children of the Stars)

Over hills and through the waves

And over mountains through the plains

we know where we have been

so it don’t matter now

where we’ll end.

I guess the trick was to stop hiding.

Give it all away and spit shine the pain.

Clay pots into artifacts.

Parse the matter at hand

and distribute the chance/chants

This one for the star-crossed lovers,

they’re just down on their luck.

And this one is for my mother,

she’s still looking for a crutch.

And this one is for the sun

who refuses to set.

And this one is for you,

at the end of your quest.

Disheveled and hell-bent

on finishing the test.

I hope the results are

everything you ever wanted.

I hope you find a pedal to push

with love, not hate, not shame or regret.

But to live on a level where the past meet the present

forever at rest.

No need to exercise the demons

or fly with the angels.

Children of the stars

we believe in a savior

beyond chambers(/crosses)

or halls of knowledge.

Lingering in a song

between a moment

and a melody.

Eyes closed,

soul unknown.

Spine unchained,

heart broken.

Following the signs


No longer wondering

where to go.