The Job Hunt Begins:

A bit rocky, as I’ve always had trouble receiving input on my resume; and this has perhaps in part forced me to trust myself.


Nonetheless, I think this single piece of pixelated paper is a strong step forwards. There are as many numbers as there is poetry, which suits me well.

I’m not sure what job would be best for me ~ I have a myriad of skills though am just now entering a space in life where I can focus on cultivating them. Continue reading “The Job Hunt Begins:”

The Best Ways to Support!

Please share my work with others; I am so close to being able to focus all of my efforts to my projects making the world a better place. This year, I ask for your help as I focus on expanding my reach.

Scratch tracks are being uploaded to the Culture Vault, and the arrangement sheet made available for folks to check out as well!

The best way to support me is to purchase my products on Gumroad, and encourage others to as well.

Continue reading “The Best Ways to Support!”

idioke and away

The primary focus has been to finish the English-learning and coding curriculum.

I’m a super far behind on the latter, and almost done with Round One of the former.

Though I am super stoked about the idioke program, especially the pricing structure!

The aim is to not burn myself out, while still be accessible to broad clientele; so as to hopefully build-up a waitlist of new clients.

That is the goal.

Pricing Structure

I was going to solicit individual lessons, but that soon felt finicky and petty.

Complete programs are the ticket! (Thanks BBF!!)

And at $300,000 COP per month for 10 hours of lessons ~ I am able to scale this up for digital group lessons. And will be able to pay USians to teach πŸ™‚

Step by step, day by day …

I talk a bit more about the aspirations over at my Patreon.

Though everyone is able to check out the curriculum!

idioke and Away

All of the classes and curriculum are being solicited beneath the idioke umbrella, an application for learning language through music.

While I’ve recently finished updating the website to house various languages; I’ve updated the Google Application as well, though have yet to push the update πŸ˜‰

Another next step will be to attempt adding Google Ads to the domain as well.

And to continue adding more songs to the library!

Pasitos siempre ~

Membership Flow: Why so complicated?

Trying to start a community is no easy task, especially if one wants to create a a paywall; which is an arrogant enough idea as it is.

None the less, here we are …


Paid membership is an opportunity for the community support the education and aspirations of those in our community.

After Culture Clap is stabilized, we will work to support others.

With this longer-term outlook in mind, we have divided the membership flow into two primary inlets, Patreon and Gumroad.

These pathway takes into the account the fees associated with each platform.

Patreon is ideal for donations between $1-5 USD as the price charged for processing benefits the community.

For any amount above $5,Β Gumroad, with the market price of 2.9%+$.30 benefits the community most.

Why Patreon?

It is the most widely used platform of it’s kind beyond the use of cashapps.

As stated above, it is also ideal for financial processing costs for donations between $1-5 dollars.

For those wishing to have immediate access; at present, it also provides immediate membership on the Discord Server.

The only catch is, you gotta make an account.

Why Gumroad?

There was a fair row over Patreon recently changing it’s pay scale.

We were fortunate to have gotten in before this took place, and so retain the prior pricing structure.

None the less, Gumroad was a product put forth as an alternative. So I checked it out, and started to like it.

They do not require a membership in order to maintain a subscription.

There are a variety of products and mechanisms that can be used to facilitate the sale of digital goods and services!! And it is fairly easy to use.

Gumroad is also expanding their API access.

Presently I do not pay the monthly charge of $10 per month for the reduced processing fee; as soon as there are enough memberships to offset this cost, I will.