October 2019 Budget Report

It’s been about two and a half months since we last checked in with GNUCash, and where everything was at.

Yup, that’s on; and I prepared for times like this —

Too much was happening and it was overwhelming; I needed to be able to spend money when/as I needed to concerning basics like getting enough food to eat.

Where Are We At?

We’re alright, I need to pay off a few bills this weekend that are going to push me down; though I recently received a gift from the sky that helps.

In the US accounts I’m over my caution point and have the hope of persisting as such. My goal is to maintain my rainy-day fund in my Savings account, while consistently growing my checking and digital income accounts.

I had to shuffle a few hundred dollars to my Colombian account over the past few months to cover all of my bills.

Though now I also have a budget. This week has been the first of it’s implementation, and I’ve even come out a little bit ahead.

Though I have one more day left on the week.

Monthly Bills & Incidentals

My phone got stolen a few weeks ago; which is why I don’t buy expansive phones.

My current model is the Motorola G6; which costs about $125USD to replace.

As well, I need to catch up on my health insurance payments; and account for the monthly amount that is being taken out regardless.

My phone bill is about $10USD per month, and I may have a strategy to make that stretch even further. Hopefully almost cut my phone bill in half.

As my budget allots me $100,000COP (~$30USD) per week; out of which I need pay for my phone bill.

I’m also going to reduce my health insurance level which will reduce some pressure in the coming months as well.

About the Outlook

Though I am confident about being able to retain my students, the father of one has asked for lessons for himself and his friends next year; I will oblige as my schedule allows.

Now that my schedule is more compact and compartmentalized, I can focus on living within my budget while being productive.

I recently purchased a whiteboard, and considering the gift I recently received, may send myself some more money to get new glasses and a gym membership. Maybe.

For now, I am focusing on finding a rhythm to  my output; I missed the weekly newsletter deadline this week — though again, am open to altering it as is best for my schedule.

There is mechanism by which I can continue to remember my ideas and get the produced; and a few basic models to incite weekly creation.

That said, I am hopeful for the future.

Thanks for reading, Karma Farmers, Community Techs, and Dharma Charmers can see the numbers by joining through GumRoad or Patreon.

The Incompleteness of It All

Entrepreneurs are expected to be expert hole-patchers; perpetual problem-solvers.

Funders/investors need to know everything about an operation before putting their money into it.

Or perhaps this experience is proportional to the pigment of one’s skin?

Either way, it is the ideal lofted for auction to the masses, to believe these expectations are standard.

Though even now capitalism is doing an about-face, saying it’s guiding light is not solely shareholder profit.

Elaborate Exaggerations

There is a “profit” to be made solving problems that many experience.

Though how is that profit divided has become another topic for debate.

My own actions and behavior are an experiment based off of the following mathematical theory ~ which essentially says, any cohesive system cannot explain itself and will have unprove-able truths.

Faith is a necessary ingredient to see ~

Gödel’s incompleteness theorems are two theorems of mathematical logic that demonstrate the inherent limitations of every formal axiomatic system capable of modelling basic arithmetic. These results, published by Kurt Gödel in 1931, are important both in mathematical logic and in the philosophy of mathematics.

The first incompleteness theorem states that no consistent system of axioms whose theorems can be listed by an effective procedure (i.e., an algorithm) is capable of proving all truths about the arithmetic of natural numbers. For any such consistent formal system, there will always be statements about natural numbers that are true, but that are unprovable within the system. The second incompleteness theorem, an extension of the first, shows that the system cannot demonstrate its own consistency.

Asking, expecting or needing as much is, therefore, mathematically unreasonable.

Banking on a Changing Currency

The conception/perception of currency has been transforming from a tangible good into an abstraction of energy/attention transformed, again, by some into tangible goods.

As disambiguation continues to erode the shells protecting our identities, levels of privilege are disassembled.

Notions like social currency, as supplied by gender, race and other  factors, become better realized by the masses.

Commensurately, one hopes, our ability to make the necessary adjustments to offset these historical disparities, will find better direction as well.

I cannot explain all I have done, nor why I’ve done it ~

From writing poetree onto bars in beats for measure; or writing programs to enhance agenda awareness, to ranting on videos about the piranhas in the parade.

Perhaps I was just clearing out a space, following my heart; making room to dance.

In the moment, and to this day, I can provide rhymes and reasons for individual actions, but for the behavior as a whole: I sometimes ask myself what does a brush know of the painting it creates?

It has been a privilege to do so, and will continue to be.

The actions are not unfounded, but rather emanate from an art,

or at least the pursuit of an artful way of existing, per chance.

idioke and away

The primary focus has been to finish the English-learning and coding curriculum.

I’m a super far behind on the latter, and almost done with Round One of the former.

Though I am super stoked about the idioke program, especially the pricing structure!

The aim is to not burn myself out, while still be accessible to broad clientele; so as to hopefully build-up a waitlist of new clients.

That is the goal.

Pricing Structure

I was going to solicit individual lessons, but that soon felt finicky and petty.

Complete programs are the ticket! (Thanks BBF!!)

And at $300,000 COP per month for 10 hours of lessons ~ I am able to scale this up for digital group lessons. And will be able to pay USians to teach 🙂

Step by step, day by day …

I talk a bit more about the aspirations over at my Patreon.

Though everyone is able to check out the curriculum!

idioke and Away

All of the classes and curriculum are being solicited beneath the idioke umbrella, an application for learning language through music.

While I’ve recently finished updating the website to house various languages; I’ve updated the Google Application as well, though have yet to push the update 😉

Another next step will be to attempt adding Google Ads to the domain as well.

And to continue adding more songs to the library!

Pasitos siempre ~

Membership Flow: Why so complicated?

Trying to start a community is no easy task, especially if one wants to create a a paywall; which is an arrogant enough idea as it is.

None the less, here we are …


Paid membership is an opportunity for the community support the education and aspirations of those in our community.

After Culture Clap is stabilized, we will work to support others.

With this longer-term outlook in mind, we have divided the membership flow into two primary inlets, Patreon and Gumroad.

These pathway takes into the account the fees associated with each platform.

Patreon is ideal for donations between $1-5 USD as the price charged for processing benefits the community.

For any amount above $5, Gumroad, with the market price of 2.9%+$.30 benefits the community most.

Why Patreon?

It is the most widely used platform of it’s kind beyond the use of cashapps.

As stated above, it is also ideal for financial processing costs for donations between $1-5 dollars.

For those wishing to have immediate access; at present, it also provides immediate membership on the Discord Server.

The only catch is, you gotta make an account.

Why Gumroad?

There was a fair row over Patreon recently changing it’s pay scale.

We were fortunate to have gotten in before this took place, and so retain the prior pricing structure.

None the less, Gumroad was a product put forth as an alternative. So I checked it out, and started to like it.

They do not require a membership in order to maintain a subscription.

There are a variety of products and mechanisms that can be used to facilitate the sale of digital goods and services!! And it is fairly easy to use.

Gumroad is also expanding their API access.

Presently I do not pay the monthly charge of $10 per month for the reduced processing fee; as soon as there are enough memberships to offset this cost, I will.