OKKMT: Social Controls & Distortions

This entry needs to stand on it’s own — a delightful narrative ensues:

It’s come to my attention, by mention from a Very Important Person, that I’ve been working with a troll.  I’m not sure if he lives under some metaphorical bridge, or whether I need to rent some billy goats from this Very Important person to defeat this troll, but I’m Told By the Very Important Person that I _must_ think this person is a troll, and that by supporting him I am hurting people of color, and that I must stop to be in the good graces of this Very Important Person.

I reject all of the above.  The “troll” is a highly intense person, who has had some issues dealing with things that people of color deal with, and has made his way through discovering solutions the best he can.  Accuse him of being intense, sometimes hyperbolic when struggling with white-world, even accuse him of not always figuring out the best way to handle a given situation, occasionally taking effort to direct his energy in the most useful direction, and I’ll agree, with the caveat that I’ve committed all the above transgressions in the process of handling  my disabilities, and I think most people have done so to some degree in their handling of life in general.

This “troll” has learned mass amounts of programming and organizational skills and interpersonal skills while I’ve worked with him on various projects.  HIs energy has been increasingly well directed towards projects that can gain him the kind of life he wants.  If mistakes have been made that I haven’t been privy to, they do not rewrite or cancel out the positives.  And even the mistakes that I _have_ been privy to do not make a person evil, especially when overpowered by the good

And on top of it all, _it is not my place as a white person to tell the “troll” how to take the onslaught of whiteness in the world_.  I say this _as_ a white person.  It seems suspect when I’m told to “other” a person of color that I’ve come to know–one of far too few in my life, to be honest–no matter what has transgressed between him and other people.

I reject, in all but the most completely extreme situations, writing people off as trolls based on the hearsay of others.  Critique unskillful approcahes to life, yes, and try to redirect ineffective energy.  And feel free to not get along with people you just don’t see eye to eye.  But I’m not writing people off as trolls that I see as having incredible potential.

Canin Apriori is one of those people.  I have found personal and professional interaction with him to be enjoyable even through some tough times.  I daresay he, and many others, have had hard times dealing with _me_ as I struggle to deal with autism, schizophrenia, and Tourette Syndrome.  But the relationship remains.

On Knowing a Known Movement Troll entries:

A blog post was written about me, calling me a known movement troll.

The post begins with a blatant lie, that I never took any interest in the author.

This is contradictory to my past behavior; though I digress to let others express their reflections of our experiences:

From Social Media to Substance

An Opened Book

A Troll’s Toll

Social Controls & Distortions

My own reflections:

On Knowing a Known Movement Troll part 1

OKKMT: A Troll’s Toll

It would be wonderful to think that Ricardo’s allegation is the first of its kind, and divergent of a trend; instead of aligned with one.

Alas, in an effort to restore my own self image, I asked the support of friend to fill-out a small survey, linked to here.

One of the replies is below. I asked for quotes I might use as testimony to my personage and character.

Canin helped me through a difficult time while studying software development. He’s patient, kind and generous with his time. He was willing to meet me for study groups and he expected nothing in return. No payment expected. Canin genuinely wanted to help me learn and works hard to be inclusive so that the voices and perspectives of Black and Brown men and especially women are heard. At times, he may be a bit abrasive and I think it stems from a deep desire to help people recognize opportunities for growth.

OKKMT: An Opened Book

Our next entry really takes me by surprise.

I only came upon Ricardo’s blog post a week or so ago; months after which it had been written!

This is all for the best, as I am in a better place than I was at the time, and so am better able to field his carelessness.

In doing so, I asked friends I am currently working with to write their reflections on Ricardo’s blog post, based on their experiences.

The following contributor is a recently found friend, the relationship being less than three months old.

Mind you, we were introduced through one of my dearest friendships, which has been held for near three decades by this point.

There is little for me to hide; or from another perspective, I’ve also felt more enabled to be my individual self, and actualize the aspirations in my heart as processed by my head.

Though I digress, save to say, some names have been changed to protect identities.

I was initially impressed with Canin’s communication skills and professional demeanor when he and I connected through Aardvark Charlie to work on a project which helps children that have a parent gone, due to incarceration. He exceeded my expectations with passion, empathy, tenacity, and pride. 
Canin’s commitment to his work stands out from the service our employees give to the guests. As a leader, he has empowered others effectively and efficiently to satisfy his communities needs. 
Of particular value to me is his communication skills and ability to get others on the same page with ease.  He has developed communication boards and team huddles to effectively distribute information.  
Along with his undeniable talent in music, coding, activism, and teaching, Canin has always been an absolute joy to work with on projects. He is a real team player and still manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of people. 
Without a doubt, I confidently stand by Canin as he is dedicated and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to any organization as he stands for the people. To hear someone speak ill of him is hurtful and not right. As an African-America woman, I understand the importance of diversity and culture. It’s important to stand together and work to make our communities stronger. Canin is deeply analytical, frames vital and important arguments which help elevate him to speak on issues that concern the minority. He is a valuable contributor to push issues other people may be reluctant to discuss, but he does so in a way that is non-threatening and inviting. Canin is exceptionally talented at bringing people together and seeing the world through the eyes of others. He is an influential leader now and will continue to be in the future.