Talk Brown Now!

This is the new podcast I am beginning.

For a long while I was an ambiguously brown person; though I have recently been permitted to learn more about my roots, and so disambiguate much.

Regardless, throughout this podcast series the conversation of race from the perspective of brownness will be a focal point of perspective while remaining a notion open to critique.

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Walking Away from the Regime

We are ensnared by Amazon, Google and Facebook — with a few others mixed in-between, and a bunch of shared investors …

I personally wish to be free of their data collection as much as possible; it is a business maneuver. They have the capacity to see products and ideas before the rest of the market through their networks.

Though I also want to feel more capable of managing my own digital and physical existence; while utilizing existing structures to express my existence.

Is it vain to want to do so?

Perhaps, but we live in a vain world, which while not an excuse for behavior; our vanity has become normalized, and perhaps even exacerbated, by social media.

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Diversity & Inclusion Isn’t About Hiring

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