The Best Ways to Support!

Please share my work with others; I am so close to being able to focus all of my efforts to my projects making the world a better place. This year, I ask for your help as I focus on expanding my reach.

Scratch tracks are being uploaded to the Culture Vault, and the arrangement sheet made available for folks to check out as well!

The best way to support me is to purchase my products on Gumroad, and encourage others to as well.

To begin with, there is the Who Me? essay series ($3+) & the Culture Vault (to get all of my personal releases, and more, for $15+.)

If you’re tight for cash, there are a few 100% discounts available using the code ‘iamhumantoo’ for either product. Get the product, and give me a rating, porfis!

The second best way is to take a look at my resume and share it with anyone you might know looking for one such as myself.

You can find me on LinkedIn here. If we’ve worked or studied together, perhaps you could verify of few of my skills.

If you’d like to support my non-profit work you can match my $25 donation to @ScreamFreely! And encourage others to match you.

If anyone you know is interested in learning to code. There are 4 spots remaining on our initial RebelCoding pilot cohort until the end of January.

And that wraps up our immediate endeavors.

Thank you so much for all or your support!!