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I always wanted to understand what they were doing in the hacker movies. When they were just typing characters on to a black screen what was happening?

A few years ago I stopped wondering and started learning, thanks to a friend who helped me take the first couple of steps to install Ubuntu and start understanding the terminal.


I am now using Manjaro with i3 as my window manager, and where some may see a blank screen I see an blank palette.

I have also finally gained enough confidence in my programming skills that I’ve moved back to Wordpress. It simply is just an easier platform to maintain for blogging, I’ll be it there may be some security issues that is why I learned how to use Django for building user intensive applications.

Currently I am using chromium as my primary browser, this is the open-source version of Chrome.  I migrated away from Firefox because I simply like the minimalist aesthetic of Chrome. I do aspire to replicate this aesthetic in Firefox,  Though at present also have to be conscious a processing power. Firefox does use a little bit more processing power than Chrome.


As for computers I’m currently using a Lenovo ThinkPad X220 that runs on an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz. It maxes out at 8GB of RAM, though I only have four in it presently, it is quite sufficient for all the work that I have been doing. I do aspire to add an additional 4GB of RAM, though appreciate its compact size. I had originally brought a ThinkPad X440, though to be certain it was cumbersome.

As the days progress  I hope to start using more solar power in order to fuel my electronic use. Being that I am now living in Colombia this is perhaps even more feasible year-round.

This seems to be a pretty good summary of the current tech stack with which I am building. to stay updated or go more in-depth with these conversations check out my patreon page where I provide complete access to all the projects, and concepts, conjured and made manifest.

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