Cataloguing Open-Source Contributions

I haven’t always submitted code, sometimes it’s just conversation; but I’m getting there.


ScreamFreely, and the *Activist projects are UI’s built around the OpenStates project; with a few other tweaks and modifications. Nonetheless, the aim is to be able to help support the OpenStates projects as a whole.

My First Contribution:

Update Regex Line:

MN People Scraper Returns None:

Unsolved GraphQL Call:


DataMade provided a tool that I used for an employer’s project. While using it I came upon a roadblock, and availed them of it.

No Attribute ‘TAGGER’:

The Job Hunt Begins:

A bit rocky, as I’ve always had trouble receiving input on my resume; and this has perhaps in part forced me to trust myself.


Nonetheless, I think this single piece of pixelated paper is a strong step forwards. There are as many numbers as there is poetry, which suits me well.

I’m not sure what job would be best for me ~ I have a myriad of skills though am just now entering a space in life where I can focus on cultivating them. Continue reading “The Job Hunt Begins:”

The Best Ways to Support!

Please share my work with others; I am so close to being able to focus all of my efforts to my projects making the world a better place. This year, I ask for your help as I focus on expanding my reach.

Scratch tracks are being uploaded to the Culture Vault, and the arrangement sheet made available for folks to check out as well!

The best way to support me is to purchase my products on Gumroad, and encourage others to as well.

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