You Wouldn't Know By this Lily-white 404 Page

but there has been quite a bit of progress lately. After being admonished for pursuing a walk in the data woods of social media, I was inspired to learn more! And so learn more has been done. Reading APIs for FB, Twitter, and Instagram are a go! Kind, of, instagram needs some practice, but the overall idea -- yay! FB & Twitter are what got me into trouble, while there's more!

There is an element of speaking like Neo at this juncture, and a dramatically less grandiose scale, none the less, I declare, "I can read email". Which isn't too say much, until the way it gets read is by a computer that can do stuff so I don't have to! Another yay; with the kindof attached. The basics are down, options are now about how to gather what info, while there looks to be a rather large in-flux of data that will soon be available.

Lastly, PostGIS; an amazing utility I've been interested in ever since I comprehended what it was! I wasn't yet prepared to take that step until happening upon another library that required it's presence in the database. I got some polygons from Hong Pong and I've since learned to parse the data needed!

Whew! That was a task and a half; though now learning of even more utilities to streamline the process, in addition to having created a few scripts to streamline a few processes earlier; I'm grateful to Python for being such a useful language. There are a number of constraints, I understand this; though for someone aspiring to do coherent and accessible research it is a solid language.

And so, that is today's update. I hope moments find everyone well.