Oh yea! I made this!!

I don't get around to fine-tuning the recordings I make, but I'm content with this selection:


Dear White Musicians in Minneapolis,

All that music you love. That music you smoked your first joint listening to, drunk concert you went to... the vast majority of that music was made because the folks were trying to have fun making the music. It wasn't about trying to convey a feeling, it was about trying to convey feeling. Do the words have meaning? Yes. Were the words meticulously labored over to critique all possible misguided inferences? Probably not.

I understand that when you wrote a song you have a sound in your head. But that's the magic of a band, your idea combines with the ideas of others --- out of that collaboration, the energy born of such open collaboration, is music made. Or such is, at least, this author's opinion.


I recently spoke with another individual about some of the impediments my heart and mind have had upon returning to the States. The Minnesota mentality is very fragile and subtly controlling. Just yesterday:

The link to the original post from OccupyMN can be found here.

These notions are buried deep; and their purpose is to prop up white male empowerment. They are right, always; and it is logical. Though now that effeminate males and masculine women are gaining more traction in the human race, this position, and it's legitimacy are being threatened. And so even more so, the dominant ego must be coddled when uncomfortable; nevermind how that self-same mindset has terrorized the lives of others for untold thousands of years.


My favorite song so far!

Amidst that chaos out from which extends my momentary identity -- there is not much I can attribute as authentic and truly my own. But there are a few things, and this song, to me, is one:

It was recorded via computer microphone - there is the opportunity to create better recordings - as to whether they come to fruition - only time can tell. Regardless, the sentiment is real, and so is the melody, both of which bless me. I like the idea of me. I am not ugly to me, as it seems I am to so many others.


MixTape: City On a Pill

t music
c Soul

Super Exhausted

But happy ~ I got some recording done today! I'm completely lost in life for the most part - but music has always been a floor for me to sit upon and think. I have a few ideas about where it is all to go, but for right now - I'm excited to hear what Cello will add to what I've recorded. It is an old song with sentimental value. Also the beginning of more than just a few recordings.

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