Oh yea! I made this!!

I don't get around to fine-tuning the recordings I make, but I'm content with this selection:


Mother's Day

She did something I can be thankful for. I count 4 times in my life that she has acknowledged my personhood. Yes I can count them exactly like that:

1) once she actually stfu 2) she voluntarily said sorry, once. 3) I don't remember, but I give her this one, call it grace. 4) she spent my birthday in Mexico with her only black friend. She refrained from doing more damage when she returned.

That's it. On the goddess.


There is a myriad of other concurrent actions happening right now confront these issues. I have been building this capacity for the past 10 years -- because it's what needed to happen. And so it is happening. Project Management like even an abusive mother is worthy of love.


Water Is Life

Water filter #diy #slowsand #dreamfreely #nunfuxgvn

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A while ago I made a slow sand water filter. I didn't think that I should need to continually buy filters from a store, Mother Nature had been cleaning water for YEARS! Why couldn't I work with her knowledge?!? I read up on slow-sand water filters (London's sanitation system runs off an expansion of these same techniques), and installed what is shown below in my room. YES, the water does taste better!

I did recently clean out the holding bucket! And I also replaced to water line from the filter to the bucket. It is worth noting that another nice feature of this system is that water has time to sit between filtration and consumption ~ this allow for the chlorine in the water evaporate OUT of the water!


Actually a fair amount on my mind today...

Some bills got paid. Got good news from a job - happiness to tide me over until concrete plans are put into action (I'll be able to pay more bills as they come in these next few months!) And I can even start thinking about investing again.

I live meagerly, in many ways, and I have come to enjoy this life style! In speaking with a few friends the other day; the point is to be able to sustain a lifestyle that one ENJOYS! I think this starts with eating and dressing simply. Both are base commodities that are easily consumed in excess. The one thing I am procrastinating at present is the vivisection of my food budget. Ugh, I'll get to it.

Though I'd also like to s/o technology's role in facilitating financial responsibility in my life. Using GNUCash, along with it's mobile app I've been able to track my purchases and keep my books balanced EVERY DAY! Which really is an amazing feat for my generation, I dare say. My hope is to eventually be able t visualize my monthly data and adjust accordingly. It has become a fun game in many respects, as it ought be.

Anywho, thought I might post some more rambling!



Dear Wordpress

I tried, I really did. I even learned a few new things about CSS! You're always good for that. But I'm sorry WP I just don't think it's going to work out. Your PHP is too cumbersome, and while you are open-source; your templates are too often proprietary beings, that dangle freedom like cookies on Christmas, yet withhold the milk. It saddens me.


In other news, I picked up a new web domain -- DreamFreely.org. This will house the aspects of my self that are more business minded. Culture-Clap is to be a playground; I need to take other aspects of my self more seriously.

Sobriety is good for that. Kind of, I'm still a little iffy about all that crap. It's nice, I like it; don't get me wrong. But the enforcement of it doesn't feel right. More about this later; I learned that until 1979 marijuana was officially decriminalized in the State of Minnesota. It was only after the Reagan's re-initiation of the "War on Drugs" that a conservative aire took hold of this state regarding the matter.

Anywho, thought I ought post something because I said I was going to post more...

Cheerio ~


It's been a solid month..

since I last updated. So I ought probably type something.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ or something like that, maybe?

It's looking to be an alright year though. Reflections on the year past still gives me a headache, though incredibly important experiences were had; and incredibly awesome opportunities were granted. Hopefully I'll be able to update this blog more frequently; I'm able to spend more time with my computer. Other occupational updates are on the horizon: positivity abounds.

Enough for now, cheerio.



Pulling out of the tail-spin that was the middle of this past semester - holding on to a job, and classes between knuckles out the window driving through the storms of life. But when I listen to the music -- when I look at what I'm doing - and how I am doing it -- it makes it all worth it. Life is not to be lived, it is to be loved. Although I'm not sure if everyone is enabled to embrace this idea; my inquiry is at what financial threshold do material possessions depreciate as a contribution to quality of life?

Inquiries for other days -- I just wanted to post something on here, it seemed like a good idea.


My favorite song so far!

Amidst that chaos out from which extends my momentary identity -- there is not much I can attribute as authentic and truly my own. But there are a few things, and this song, to me, is one:

It was recorded via computer microphone - there is the opportunity to create better recordings - as to whether they come to fruition - only time can tell. Regardless, the sentiment is real, and so is the melody, both of which bless me. I like the idea of me. I am not ugly to me, as it seems I am to so many others.

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