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A while ago I made a slow sand water filter. I didn't think that I should need to continually buy filters from a store, Mother Nature had been cleaning water for YEARS! Why couldn't I work with her knowledge?!? I read up on slow-sand water filters (London's sanitation system runs off an expansion of these same techniques), and installed what is shown below in my room. YES, the water does taste better!

I did recently clean out the holding bucket! And I also replaced to water line from the filter to the bucket. It is worth noting that another nice feature of this system is that water has time to sit between filtration and consumption ~ this allow for the chlorine in the water evaporate OUT of the water!

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Though not simply in a linear sense
-- on a point betwixt a binary --
instead: recursive balance.

At every level
ingredients need to be measured
to taste by the imagination, but
measured none the less.

And so we dance...