Scrapy: Wherefore Art Thou?

I want to thank you to Scrapy for so many things; mainly, for making web-scraping accessible. At first it looked overwhelming, there were so many moving parts. What was SQLAlchemy?!? None of the tutorials were showing me how to connect back to Django's ORM. Then I found Scrapy-DjangoItem.

You accepted both my cssselects, and xpath searches. You fetched pages, just go I could look at them for a millisecond, only to throw them away. You tirelessly collected and cleaned data; dutifully providing me a glance whenever I asked. You were everything I asked for before I knew how to get requests of my own. You were a wonderful librarian.

This is not a sad farewell, though it is a farewell for now. I may return on occasion, your pages still hold much I have yet to learn. 'Til next time my friend, 'til next time.

t webdev