Phyllis' Revenge

Apparently Minnesota House of Representatives District 60B Phyllis Kahn is a retired biophysics professor. Oh wow, all Ivy League too. Ahh, and her husband passed just last year; 58 years is a long time to be married to someone. That's pretty cool.

What isn't cool are some of the things Representative Kahn has said since facing competition from Illhan Omar. She was recently quoted to say the following:

"Ilhan is younger than me. She is prettier than me. She appears nicer than me. She agrees with anything that anyone says to her. So, it was tough competition."

While another local activist did some digging and created the image used above. This seems to say that while Representative Kahn is touting herself as a corollary to Senator Sanders; she has in fact maxed out her donations giving to the Clinton campaign. While the donation was made all the way back in July 2015; as pointed out elsewhere, the scenario causes one to question Representatives Kahn integrity and dedication to passing on the torch.

It is sad to say that such duplicitous behavior is all too typical for Minnesota. But what frustrates me is just how self-destructive it all is. The City Pages recently published an article that speaks to the discrimination Ms Omar already experiences within the Somali community. For this to be compounded by someone who could be otherwise be an exceptional mentor is astonishing!

The opportunity lost is immeasurable. And for someone who others would consider an elder to act with such ugly disdain towards the sincere accomplishments of a powerful and rising voice is considerably more than regrettable. It is offensive. It throws into question the motives behind everything she has done; it makes one question the sincerity behind each action. It makes one wonder: could more have been done, and thusly, was she ever the right person for the job?

Update: the previous title of this post was "Phyllistine's Revenge". I remembered the word, and looked it up to affirm the colloquial definition. Upon further inspection of the word - I affirmed where from I had remembered it. I've since changed the title of the post.